Global Communications Platform for the Internet

Thousands of businesses trust Unimatrix's cloud communications platform to simplify and optimize customer communications around the world.

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Unimatrix Console Overview

Global coverage, local expertise


Countries coverage

Accelerate your international expansion. Easily interact with your customers across the globe.


Direct connections

Over 270 direct carrier connections worldwide with powerful distribution ability from Unimatrix.


Uptime percentage

We build an efficient, robust cluster architecture designed to ensure reliable high availability service.

Unified platform

A fully managed suite of messaging services

Unimatrix offers precise services for every linkage of the communications industry supply chain.


Send text messages directly using the programmable messaging API or the Unimatrix broadcast tool online.

  • High deliverability
  • High reliability
  • Auto fallback
  • Cost effective
  • Pay-as-you-go
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A serverless compute engine that makes it easy for communication platforms to deploy, maintain and monitor messaging APIs at any scale.

  • High availability
  • High serviceability
  • Autonomous
  • Autoscaling
  • Monitoring
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A cloud client to help enterprises test and send messages using the SMPP protocol without coding.

  • High compatibility
  • No-code required
  • Cross-platform
  • Easy to use
  • SSL/TLS support
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Effortless experience

Powerful & easy-to-use APIs with built-in functions

Unimatrix brings together everything that’s required to use communication services, these features help you integrate communication functionality more effectively.

Number Validation

Unimatrix automatically checks the validity of phone numbers and rejects malformed ones.

Intelligent Distribution

Always choose the most reliable and efficient channel to carry your messages traffic.

Customizable Throttling

Protect your apps from fraudulent traffic using a custom rate limiter with Unimatrix extension.

Real-time Analytics

Monitor, track and analyze your messages and get insights from the Unimatrix dashboard.


Integrate your workflow

Easily coordinate the components of distributed applications and serverless services with less code using Unimatrix.