Less characters, more insights

Automatically shorten the URLs to trackable short links in your text messages - no extra code required.

Unimatrix Shortener Preview
Make everything simple

Fast, lightweight and powerful

Use Unimatrix Shortener to create simple, beautiful and branded tracking short links with smart redirects, retargeting pixels and more.


Easily incorporate short links into your existing processes, like outbound SMS.



Enhance brand visibility and trust by using your own domain on every link you share.


Understand your SMS marketing, notifications, and ads through detailed click stats.

Edge network

Growth and target your audience with a reliable, low latency and high throughput global network.


Increase usage with a modern infrastructure that can grow at the same rate as your business.

99.99% Uptime

An efficient, robust cluster architecture designed to ensure reliable high availability service.

Developer friendly

Works perfectly with your language

Create an account online in minutes and use our SDKs and libraries to instantly delivery messages to your end users.