Using Composer is the recommended way to install the Unimatrix SDK for PHP, which is available on Packagist.

Run the following command to add unimtx/uni-sdk as a dependency to your project:

composer require unimtx/uni-sdk


The following example shows how to use the Unimatrix PHP SDK to interact with Unimatrix services.

Initialize a client

use Uni\UniClient;

$client = new UniClient([
  'accessKeyId' => 'your access key id',
  'accessKeySecret' => 'your access key secret' // if using simple auth mode, delete this line

or you can configure your credentials by environment variables:

export UNIMTX_ACCESS_KEY_ID=your_access_key_id
export UNIMTX_ACCESS_KEY_SECRET=your_access_key_secret

Send SMS

Send a text message to a single recipient.

use Uni\UniClient;
use Uni\UniException;

$client = new UniClient();

try {
  $resp = $client->messages->send([
    'to' => '+1206880xxxx', // in E.164 format
    'text' => 'Your verification code is 2048.'
} catch (UniException $e) {

Send a message using a template with variables.

  'to' => '+1650253xxxx',
  'signature' => 'Unimatrix',
  'templateId' => 'pub_verif_en_basic2',
  'templateData' => [
    'code' => '2048'

Send OTP

Send a one-time passcode (OTP) to a recipient. The following example will send a automatically generated verification code to the user.

use Uni\UniClient;
use Uni\UniException;

$client = new UniClient();

$resp = $client->otp->send([
  'to' => '+1206880xxxx'

Verify OTP

Verify the one-time passcode (OTP) that a user provided. The following example will check whether the user-provided verification code is correct.

use Uni\UniClient;
use Uni\UniException;

$client = new UniClient();

$resp = $client->otp->verify([
  'to' => '+1206880xxxx',
  'code' => '123456' // the code user provided