Get started


In order to meet the regulatory requirements of the relevant departments, the following operations must be completed in order to access the console before officially using the Unimatrix SMS service.


According to the requirements of the operator gateway, sending SMS must pass account verification (aka Real-name Authentication). Unauthenticated individuals, enterprises, and organizations do not support the submission of custom templates. Only ordinary verification code SMS messages are allowed.

Add sender

Go to the console "Messaging - Senders" to add a sender with the following notes:

  1. The sender supports the name of organization, website, application, public number/application, e-commerce store, trademark or its corresponding abbreviation.
  2. The sender supports using the qualification or public information held by the subject of the current account verification, and also supports the authorization from the third party subject who is not the current account verification.

Add template

Go to the console "Messaging - Templates" to add a template, you can customize the SMS template code to increase the readability of the template, notes are as follows:

  1. The total length of the text message must be limited to 460 characters. There is no need to fill in the signature, the template can be freely used with the audited signature. Special symbols such as [ ] and ★, ※, →, ● are not supported.
  2. Variables are represented by {variable_name}, such as {code}, {order_no}, etc. Variables are strings of letters, numbers and underscores, and must be less than 24 characters long. The same variable can only appear once in the template, and the format of direct combination of short links and variables is not supported.

Send messages

Once you have done the above, you can call the Send SMS API to send SMS, visit the API reference for details.