SMPP Cloud Client

A cloud client to help enterprises test and send messages using the SMPP protocol without coding.

Unimatrix Depot Preview
Easily set up

Bring modern experiences to complex protocol

Depot serves for connecting to an Short Message Service Center (SMSC) over TCP/IP, sending short messages and receiving delivery receipts from the SMSC.

Easy to use

Depot is designed to allow non-technicals to quickly and securely send SMS with just a few clicks.


No-code required

Start to send text messages in minutes without a line of code, even though SMPP is a complex telecommunications protocol.


No matter what platform you use, mac OS or Windows. You can always use Depot via a web browser.

Auto encoding

Automatically convert messages in the most compact encoding possible between GSM-7 and UCS-2 character encoding.

High compatibility

Both the currently most common version SMPP v3.4 and the latest version SMPP v5 are all supported.

SSL/TLS support

Depot also allows you to establish a secure SMPP (SSMPP) connection using a TLS certificate.