Unimatrix is a global communication cloud platform service matrix that integrates operators, channel providers and cloud communication platforms across the entire chain: message integration, channel integration, service integration, technology integration and data integration.

Unimatrix enables agile, high-speed and stable delivery of SMS to 220+ countries and regions worldwide with an open, transparent and integrated cross-channel integration management system.


SMSlinkHigh deliverability SMS messagingApplication developers, Non-technicals
WhatsApplinkWhatsApp Business APIApplication developers
PivotlinkAutonomous elastic SMS gatewayCommunication industry practitioners, Enterprise-class messaging center
DepotlinkSMPP Cloud ClientCommunication industry practitioners, Enterprise-class messaging app
VerifierlinkOTP generation & verification serviceApplication developers
ShortenerlinkTrackable URL shortenerApplication developers, Product managers, Operations managers

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