Ruby SDK


The recommended way to install the Unimatrix SDK for Ruby is to use the gem package manager, which is available on RubyGems.

Run the following command to add uni-sdk as a dependency to your project:

gem install uni-sdk

If you are installing via Bundler, add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'uni-sdk'


The following example shows how to use the Unimatrix Ruby SDK to interact with Unimatrix services.

Send SMS

Send a text message to a single recipient.

require 'uni-sdk'

# initialization
client ='your access key id', 'your access key secret') # if you use the simple auth mode, just pass in the first parameter

# send the message
  resp = client.messages.send({
    to: 'your phone number', # in E.164 format
    text: 'Your verification code is 2048.'
rescue Uni::UniError => e
  puts 'Exception: ' + e.message

Send a message using a template with variables.

  to: '+1650253xxxx',
  signature: 'Unimatrix',
  templateId: 'pub_verif_en_basic2',
  templateData: {
    code: '2048'